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Notes of Appreciation

Success Stories

Business challenges/need

  • In 2016, there was an unprecedented boom in Bitcoin due to which the work volume became too high. The work volume was humongous with hundreds of thousands of IDs to be verified and each day the queue was growing only. There could have been huge business losses if the work volume wasn’t tackled.

Solution delivered

  • The Jumio India Pvt. Ltd. team stepped up to the occasion and dedicatedly worked day and night. I ensured that they had all the resources to perform their tasks well. At the same time, I immediately ramped up the team size by hiring and on boarding 1000 people in just 45 days to support the existing team. The current infrastructure was also upgraded which included scaling up the logistics and redoing the office space to accommodate the huge batch of new people, buying new computer systems and software, and upgrading operations. All this was done with the existing HR, IT and Admin teams.

Benefit to client

  • With round-the-clock support and instant team ramp-up, Jumio India Pvt. Ltd. was able to handle the herculean task of processing hundreds of thousands of IDs verification at a fast pace that benefitted the client, Jumio Inc.