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The future of identity verification

Jumio makes customer verification and checkout process easier and more secure.

March 9, 2018

Source: Economic Times

In today’s world of growing ecommerce, there is a greater risk of online frauds while doing any transactions.

That’s where Jumio, an online and mobile credentials management company, has tried to mitigate the risk of online transactions. The company that started its business with a web based application in the year 2011 has created a digital credential verification platform for end users.

It has managed to achieve this through its Netverify solution that allows businesses to authenticate their customers’ identities in real-time. While another platform from its stable called BAM Checkout provides a frictionless checkout experience by enabling users to bypass nearly all manual key entry when completing a mobile purchase.

“The experts at the backend along with the help technological assistance carry out the fraud checks, and make sure that the provided ID is not only legitimate but also that such particular transaction can be completed with it. This platform can be accessed directly through open internet or through client’s website,” says Ankit Goyanka, Managing Director, Jumio India Pvt. Ltd.

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